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South China Morning Post

Hoi An-based Frenchman Réhahn's patient approach has won him the trust of tribal elders, who have handed over rare artefacts and garments for display and preservation at his gallery in the town.

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BBC 2018 (UK)

"Personally, I believe in karma, "says the French photographer Réhahn. We sometimes take pictures of people who are in economic situations at the opposite end of ours and I think we ought to be fair.

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Giving Back Project

The Philosophy

"Karma - The sum of a person's actions in this and in previous states of existence... Viewed as deciding their fate in future existences."In other words: "what goes around comes around" - Going full circle.This word and its meaning, carry special weight in Réhahn's journey as a photographer. What starts as a smile and a click of a camera, leads to the communication of souls.

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