The Precious Heritage Museum and Art Gallery is home to the permanent exhibition of Réhahn’s Precious Heritage Collection. While transporting you to the furthest reaches of Vietnam, the collection will unveil the rich cultural tapestry of the ethnic tribes.

Discover striking portraits, stories, and heirlooms that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Both a celebration and a call for conservation, this free museum, the only one of its kind, is a labor of love and respect. It stands as a testament to the connection, appreciation and importance Réhahn feels for these remarkable tribes.

Five rooms spanning over 500 sqm in a 19th century French house, present hundreds of portraits, over 60 costumes, tribal songs and a sense of wonderment. As you visit each room, you can follow Réhahn on his 8 year journey to document 51 of the 54 ethnic tribes left in the country.

In the museum, Réhahn can be found sharing his adventures with visitors, signing books and promoting the beauty and enchanting diversity of Vietnam. He hopes to bring attention to the changing path of ethnic tradition by sharing the essence of the people who have revolutionized his career.

The Fine Art Room

The fine arts room will be your rest stop on your journey through our museum. Here, you will be met by all of Rehahn’s most iconic and best selling photographs. Many of these images are very personal to the French photographer and mark significant turning points in his career, vision and development as a photographer.

Northern Vietnam

Northern Vietnam is a breathtaking destination. Réhahn travelled to the furthest reaches of the country to photograph tribes such as the Cong whose cultural heritage was largely left behind when they migrated to Vietnam from Laos. I’ve been sung to by the Si La, whose silver coin lined costumes are said to bring good luck. I’ve met the Dao and the Pu Peo, the Kho Mu and the Flower Hmong, each ethnicity differing from one another in language, skills or traditional costumes. The Northern region can be a diffcult land to travel through and even more so to live in but the beauty, colors and contrasts of these mountainous villages draw me back again and again.

Central And Southern Vietnam

Many areas of Central and Southern Vietnam where the ethnic groups live have remained inaccessible to foreigners. Réhahn has worked tirelessly over the years to obtain entry into these remote regions. One highlight was having the privilege of meeting the Brau, the smallest ethnic group in Vietnam at only 397 people. Since Réhahn lives in Central Vietnam he is able to visit with some of these ethnic groups regularly and he can see how the modernity of the outside world is changing their paths. This section of the museum is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the people and traditional costumes, many of which are no longer being made.

About the Precious Heritage Project

The Coffee Room

Réhahn has recently added his Precious Heritage Coffee Room to his museum, so that you can take a break and enjoy the highest quality, organic coffee and honey, sourced directly from ethnic groups in Vietnam, before you make your way through Central and Southern Vietnam. There are a variety of products from the ethnic community on sale in the Coffee Room, which helps provide ethnic communities a sustainable income.

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