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A true hidden gem, The Réhahn's Gallery is an enchanting little place and offers insight into Vietnamese culture through beautiful pictures taken by renowned photographer Réhahn. The photographs are nothing short of beautiful and truly capture the human spirit at its very essence.

Where to Buy Art in Ho Chi Minh City?

Réhahn Galleries in Hoi An and Saigon showcase the French photographer’s iconic portraits, landscapes, and lifestyle Fine Art. The artist opened his first Fine Art gallery in Saigon in 2017.

In 2023, a new flagship Réhahn Gallery was inaugurated on the iconic Dong Khoi Street in downtown Ho Chi Minh City. It is entirely free to the public, making it an ideal location to buy art and artistic souvenirs in Saigon.

Fine Art collection of photography

The famous street of Dong Khoi

Dong Khoi Street is known for being Saigon’s premiere luxury shopping street. It is full of historical landmarks and architectural beauty, serving as the perfect backdrop for the gallery’s artistic presence.

Formerly known as Rue Catinat during the French colonial era and later as Tu Do Street during the tumultuous years before the Reunification of North and South Vietnam, Dong Khoi has witnessed the ebb and flow of Saigon’s evolution. This iconic thoroughfare is a symbol of the city’s resilience.

It is one of the most scenic streets in the city to wander along.

Grab a coffee and see some of Saigon’s most beautiful sites, such as the Saigon Opera House and the historic Hotel Caravelle, before enjoying a moment of inspiration in this Ho Chi Minh City art gallery.

A Memorable Art Space in Saigon

Réhahn’s Flagship Fine Art Gallery in Saigon provides a unique opportunity to delve into the art world in one of the most beautiful locations in the city.

This space represents the artist’s unique vision and dedication to showcasing the beauty of Vietnam and beyond. Visitors are welcomed into a world where each photograph tells a story, each portrait a glimpse into the soul of its subject.

Art collection in Saigon Gallery - Limited Edition

The gallery is known for its diverse styles: captivating portraits of Vietnamese locals from the artist’s most well-known projects – “Hidden Smile,” “Precious Heritage”, and “Ageless Beauty”; breathtaking landscapes and scenes of life taken in far-off lands like Cuba and India; in addition to the artist’s most recent Impressionistic photographs.

The opening exhibition “Memories of Impressionism” showcases these new photographic works. The images combine influences from painters, such as Van Gogh, Monet, and Pissarro, with groundbreaking techniques.
They appear, through their texture and color palettes, to be Fine Art paintings from another era.

A view of the exhibition in the Réhahn's art gallery in Ho Chi Minh

Art Investment in Vietnam

Fine Art photos are available in both reproduction and collector’s original formats, visitors can choose between acquiring a perfect souvenir of Vietnam or investing in limited-edition pieces that appreciate in value over time.

Collector’s Original limited edition photographs are each part of a small release of up to 15 numbered copies. They are processed on a special metallic photographic paper in a photo lab in Germany, and they come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Art investments in Vietnam

Many collectors seek out these rare works in order to have a truly gallery worthy piece of art in their spaces. In addition, Original photographs come in large sizes to create true artistic impact.

Reproduction prints are also available in smaller sizes.
For tourists, locals, and expatriates, the gallery offers a unique look at Vietnam as a destination, a lifestyle, and a place to keep in their memories. This intersection of art and commerce adds depth to the gallery experience, inviting visitors to engage with art on multiple levels.

A view of the exhibition in the Réhahn's art gallery in Ho Chi Minh

Vietnam Photo Books and Souvenirs

In addition to buying art in Saigon, visitors to the gallery can browse through the artist’s selection of photo books. Bestsellers for more than a decade, the Fine Art coffee table books, such as “Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts” feature full-color pages and texts.

The luxurious paper quality and vibrant photographs make them the perfect souvenir or gift to bring home.

Vietnam Books by Rehahn

A Private Salon for Art Collectors

For those seeking a more intimate experience, Réhahn Gallery in Saigon offers a private VIP salon where iconic photographs take center stage.

Here, art collectors can immerse themselves in the artist’s world, surrounded by his most celebrated works and guided by knowledgeable staff who share insights into each piece.

The VIP salon also allows collectors to discuss the works with the artist when he is in town and to enjoy a drink while taking in the artwork in a comfortable environment.

View of the Private Art Salon in Saigon

A Journey Through Art and Culture in Saigon

Réhahn Gallery transcends the traditional notion of an art gallery, offering visitors a multifaceted experience that combines artistic excellence with cultural immersion. From its flagship location in Saigon to the Precious Heritage Museum in Hoi An, the diverse works and immersive exhibitions, make these art galleries engaging centers for creative and cultural exploration.

Whether seeking to purchase a piece of art or simply to take in the beauty of the photographs, a visit to Réhahn Gallery in Saigon is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Culture and portraits in the art gallery

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