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Réhahn Opens a New Art Gallery in Saigon

Réhahn Photography has returned to Saigon! The artist unveiled his newest art gallery in District 2 in December 2022 to positive feedbacks.

The Fine Art gallery, located under the Café des Stagiares at #8, 10 Street 54 in the Thao Dien Ward, features Réhahn’s bestselling artwork in a variety of formats including limited editions, reproductions, Fine Art coffee table books, and postcards. The gallery is 120 meters sq. and utilizes jewel-toned walls and custom tiles to highlight the artist’s vibrant oeuvres.

Beyond the photographer’s most well-known portraits, landscapes and lifestyle photos, Réhahn also chose the new location for his pinnacle new exhibition – “Memories of Impressionism.”

The exhibition includes photographs such as Flame, Oasis, Echo, and Carmine, which are notable for their ambitious style. They reinvent certain principles of the Impressionist period in painting into a new movement in contemporary photography.

The artwork is accompanied by an artistic statement, which explains Réhahn’s connections to the birthplace of Impressionism in France, as well as the inspirations that influenced these new photographs.

The gallery is open seven days a week from 10am to 9pm.

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