The 54th and Final Ethnic Group Documented

Réhahn recently returned from an expedition to meet the final tribe of the 54 officially documented ethnic groups in Vietnam. More than eight years of research have gone into photographing and collecting of stories

Precious Heritage Honored in BBC, The NY Times…

Réhahn Photography was showcased in major news outlets around the world in 2018 and 2019. Articles in the BBC, New York Times, South China Morning Post and more include photographs from projects such as Hidden Smile and Precious Heritage among others.


Photographic Journeys in Cuba

Réhahn returns to Cuba every year to meet old friends and make new ones, smoke cigars in the famous La Casa del Habano and take photos of Cuba’s coolest characters. These are some of the stories of the people behind the [...]

Mnong ethnic and elephant in Vietnam

The M’Nông ethnic group in the Central Highland province of Dak Lak, Vietnam have lived with elephants for more than a thousand years. The elephants are considered to be both valuable members[...]

The Art of Interaction

Réhahn’s portraits of Vietnam, Cuba, India, and Malaysia have been published all over the world. He’s taken 1000s of portraits during his career but he feels that the key to a successful portrait has less to do with technique and more [...]