You are currently viewing 3 Bestselling Vietnam Books By Réhahn

3 Bestselling Vietnam Books By Réhahn

Réhahn’s bestselling collection of Fine Art photography Vietnam books takes readers on an immersive exploration of the world, capturing diverse cultures and destinations in vibrant color.

The coffee table book collection showcases the cultural richness, and captivating landscapes, people, and lifestyles within Vietnam, garnering global recognition for their emotional depth. Each photograph is a part of the journey, revealing personal stories and capturing the intricate details that make every moment unique. In addition, with the larger format of these coffee table books, readers can dive in the narratives, forging a deeper connection with the people and places captured within the pages. Each volume comes with a personal signature of the artist.

In this article, we’ll take a look within the pages of these Fine Art books to discover the faces, landscapes, and vibrant lifestyles in Vietnam through Réhahn’s lens.

More Info About Réhahn’s Collection of Fine Art Photography Vietnam Books

The artist’s bestselling fine art photography books offer a unique opportunity to explore Vietnam’s beauty, culture, and diversity. From the mesmerizing portraits that capture the essence of individuals to the breathtaking landscapes that depict Vietnam’s soul, each page invites readers to embark on a captivating visual journey. Réhahn’s books are an invitation to experience the world through the eyes of a visual storyteller and photographer.

The fine art coffee table books are not only visually captivating, but also meticulously crafted to provide an exceptional reading experience. Printed on white Fine Art medium weight paper with a glossy finish, each page showcases vibrant and gallery-worthy image definition. The hardback covers feature edge-to-edge printing with a soft satin sheen and texts in both English and French.

Each volume will be delivered with Free Shipping Worldwide within two to four weeks.

The books are personally signed by the artist.

A Trilogy

The “Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts” trilogy is a testament to the artist’s love for his adopted country. From Hoi An and Sapa to the Central Highlands, Réhahn’s photographs capture the people, landscapes, and traditions that make each region unique. The books represent the personal experiences and growth the artist developed over more than a decade in the country and reveal the transformation of his work from his early portraits to the completion of The Precious Heritage Project in 2020.

Each volume is organized by themes: Childhood, Ageless Beauty, Scenes of Life, and Landscapes.

The photos in Childhood help the reader see a new vision of the world. One of authenticity, unmarred joy, and childlike innocence.

The portraits in the Ageless Beauty section come from Réhahn’s Ageless Beauty Project. They reveal beauty with wrinkles, not despite them. They celebrate every mark of age and the experiences that come with them.

The artist’s Scenes of Life series often focuses on the traditional skills present in Vietnam. Images of artisans, and farmers, fishermen and merchants are transformed into expressions of color and craftsmanship.

Vietnam’s landscapes are known all around the world for being some of the most majestic in existence. Réhahn’s landscape photos focus on the changing light and colors across awe-inspiring vistas.

Vietnam Mosaic of Contrasts, Volume I

 “Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts Volume I” was published in 2014 and quickly became a bestselling Fine Art coffee table book. It is made up of more than 145 full-color photos curated from 27,000 images that the artist took over the first few years he lived in Vietnam.

The cover photo is one of the artist’s most celebrated. “Hidden Smile” features Madame Xong, a tourist boat captain in Hoi An, who has become one of Réhahn’s dearest friends.

Within the pages of Volume I, readers will find some of the most iconic images from the “Ageless Beauty” and “Hidden Smile” series, in addition to some of the artist’s personal favorites.

Vietnam Mosaic of Contrasts, Volume II

After the success of his first Vietnam book, Réhahn decided to publish Volume II of “Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts in 2015.” This coffee-table book features the photograph “Tradition” on the cover from the artist’s Yellow City of Hoi An series.

The Fine Art book contains portraits of many of the diverse ethnic groups in Vietnam as Réhahn continued to travel throughout the country to meet, photograph, and document all 54+ ethnic groups in Vietnam.

Cover of the photo book 'Vietnam: Mosaics of Contrast II,' showcasing vibrant mosaic patterns. Ideal for readers interested in Vietnam books 
Vietnam Mosaic of Contrasts, Volume III

Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts, Volume III was published in early 2020, five years after Volume II. Over the course of those five years, many things had changed in the artist’s work. He had just finished his decade-long Precious Heritage Project and had launched The Precious Heritage Cultural Museum in Hoi An. The artist’s body of work had grown to an immense collection of Fine Art and documentary-style photos. This third volume shows the artist’s increased interest in approaching photography with the vision of a sociologist, anthropologist, and historian.

The cover photo is “Harmony”. Taken in the Mekong Delta, the photo is one of the artist’s favorites because of its zen spirit and otherworldly colors.



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Cover of the photo book 'Vietnam: Mosaics of Contrast II,' showcasing vibrant mosaic patterns. Ideal for readers interested in Vietnam books
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