Fine Art Galleries in Saigon

A true hidden gem, The Couleurs d’Asie is an enchanting little place and offers insight into Vietnamese culture through beautiful pictures taken by renowned photographer Réhahn. The photographs are nothing short of beautiful and truly capture the human spirit at its very essence.

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Ho Chi Minh City is Vietnam’s hub for business, world-class restaurants, succulent street food, and social life. Amid the soaring skyscrapers, Réhahn’s two Fine Art photography galleries offer a sanctuary for taking in the beauty of the Vietnamese culture and landscapes away from the city hustle.

Couleurs Gallery – Dong Khoi

Réhahn’s first photo gallery, located on the historic Dong Khoi street in downtown Saigon, opened in 2017. Dong Khoi is the heart of the city’s luxury shopping center and is lined with 5-star hotels, placed amongst the city’s most beautiful historic buildings. The Fine Art Gallery is located directly across the street from the famous Saigon Opera, designed by French architect Eugène Ferret in 1897.

After entering the quaint “Art Arcade” passageway at 151 Dong Khoi, you’ll find the gallery tucked upstairs on the right side of a traditional Saigonese building. You’ll know you’re on the right path when you smell the coffee and savory foods cooking at the stylish L’Usine cafe next to the photo gallery.

Within the Couleurs By Réhahn Art Gallery, you’ll discover the artist’s iconic portraits, landscapes, and lifestyle photographs of Vietnam, Cuba, Malaysia, and more. The photographs are available in Reproduction and Collector’s Original formats. The Reproductions are the perfect souvenir of Vietnam, while Original Limited Editions are investment pieces, which increase in value over time.

At the back of the Fine Art Photography gallery, you might notice a door marked “Artist’s Studio” This is Réhahn’s private Collector’s Club where book signings and new release art openings often occur. Don’t hesitate to sign-up for our newsletter for exclusive information about upcoming events.


Couleurs Gallery – InterContinental Hotel

This centrally located Couleurs By Réhahn Fine Art Photography Gallery is housed within the lobby of the 5-star InterContinental Saigon on Le Duan street. Le Duan is a historic tree-covered avenue that is also the center of Ho Chi Minh’s diplomatic community, with numerous international consulates lining the street.

You can easily stop by the gallery to enjoy Fine Art photography while staying at the hotel, dropping in for a meeting, or visiting one of the restaurants. The modern art gallery space is dedicated to showcasing Réhahn’s Fine Art in Limited Edition formats. The photos presented here are often prestigious Collector’s Editions such as “Elva,” “Madam Xong, Hidden Smile,” and “From the Sky,” along with the artist’s newest trending photographs.

The Fine Art table in the center of the gallery is the perfect place to witness in person the unbelievable 3D quality of our premium metallic paper.

For those looking for artistic gifts or souvenirs of Vietnam, the boutique also includes Réhahn’s bestselling series of Fine Art photography books such as the “Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts” trilogy and his “100 Iconic Portraits.”

Enjoy the luxury atmosphere of the hotel while picking out Fine Art photos or books to bring back the memory of Vietnam to your home.

Note:  Our galleries are temporarily closed in Saigon. We are moving to D2 in early 2022. In the meantime, we offer free and fast shipping from Hoi An Galleries.

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