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Fine Art Galleries in Hoi An | Vietnam

The Precious Heritage Art Gallery and Museum gives you a once in a lifetime opportunity to see images of these people and their beautiful dresses. The exhibits are free and translated in three languages: French, English and Vietnamese

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hoi An Ancient Town is one of the cultural gems of Vietnam and Southeast Asia.
Nestled among 15th century architecture and local artisan’s shops, the Precious Heritage Museum and the Couleurs By Réhahn Fine Art Photography Gallery are inspired by the beauty of Vietnam’s landscapes, lifestyles and diverse cultures. 

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Réhahn Art Gallery

Réhahn’s first official Fine Art photography gallery opened in October 2014 in Hoi An’s Ancient town. Nguyen Hue is a quiet street near the busy marketplace. From the gallery you can see the pop of bright colors on Hoi An’s famous buildings (used as backgrounds in many of Réhahn’s Scenes of Life photos) and silk lanterns adorning the streets, while having a moment of tranquility away from the tourists.

Within the Réhahn Art Gallery in Hoi An, you’ll discover the artist’s well-known portraits, landscapes and lifestyle photographs of Vietnam and beyond. Each photo is available in numerous formats, including his exclusive Limited Edition series. Make sure you take a moment to see “The Hidden Smile of Madam Xong,” one of Réhahn’s most famous photos. Madame Xong can still be found on the Hoi An harbor giving rides on her tour boat.

For those looking for gifts or souvenirs of to bring back from Hoi An, the Fine Art gallery also carries copies of Réhahn’s bestselling series of Fine Art photography books such as the “Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts” trilogy and “100 Iconic Portraits.” Postcards and other gifts can also be found here.


Precious Heritage Museum 

In 2017, Réhahn opened his landmark Precious Heritage Museum and photography gallery. Located in a historic 19th-century house on Phan Boi Chau in Hoi An’s French Quarter, the cultural museum and gallery is a love letter to the country that Réhahn calls home.

Home to the permanent exhibition of Réhahn’s Precious Heritage Collection, the museum showcases the 54+ ethnic cultures of Vietnam through large scale portraits, stories and examples of traditional tribal costumes. The exhibition will take you deeper into the cultural landscape of Vietnam to promote interest, empathy and understanding for the diverse ethnic cultures present throughout the country.

In the gallery, Réhahn’s bestselling Fine Art photographs and coffee table books are available for purchase.

The museum occasionally presents artisanal workshops with members of the ethnic tribes, discussions, book signings and other events.

Address :
7 Nguyễn Huệ street
Hội An, Quảng Nam
Viêt Nam

Tel :
+84 94 982 06 98

Open 7/7 from 10am to 6pm 

Address :
26 Phan Bội Châu street
Hội An, Quảng Nam
Viêt Nam

Tel :
+84 94 982 06 98

Open 7/7 from 8am to 8pm 

The free museum in the French Quarter is also a gallery of Réhahn’s portraits, on sale as postcards for 30,000 dong, up to large, metallic paper prints for tens of thousands of dollars. If he’s there, he’ll share the backstory of his most famous shot, “Hidden Smile,” a close-up of a puckish woman in a conical hat covering her forehead and mouth with her hands.

Réhahn’s Private Studio

The newest addition to Réhahn collection of Fine Art Photography galleries in Hoi An. It is located in a zen corner of Hoi An Ancient Town on Truong Minh Luong.
This gallery is only open by reservation. It includes some of the artist’s favorite photos of Vietnam, Cuba and India. Some of these photographs are part of Réhahn’s private collection.

The studio has a vibrant color palette that recalls the artist’s trips through Havana as well as the vintage charm of old Vietnam. Fine Art photographs are displayed on two floors. The artwork focuses on Réhahn’s bestselling Collector’s Original Limited Editions on ultra premium metallic paper.

Admirers and collectors of Réhahn’s work can often meet the artist in person here to hear stories of his travels, share a cigar or a glass of Champagne.