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What Remains

12 copies

This photograph shows the state of the last traditional costume left in a Black Lolo village. The tattered fabric worn by one of the oldest members of the community still retains much of its beauty but what will remain after this handcrafted piece of their heritage is gone?

Vietnam, 2013

Format - Finish

What is metallic paper?

Fuji Crystal Pearl metallic paper uses silver halide emulsion technology to give your Original Limited Edition photograph a pearly sheen, which produces an unbelievable 3D effect. There is a guaranteed image durability of more than 75 years ensuring photographs printed on this metallic paper are of gallery quality.[Read More]

This photograph is printed on high quality paper and delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by REHAHN.

Note: Reproductions (40x60cm) are generally limited to 20 copies sold online. Sold-out photographs will still be available in our galleries.