The Collection, 10 years of photography

THE COLLECTION, 10 YEARS OF PHOTOGRAPHY Internationally known as one of the best travel portrait photographers in the world, Réhahn’s work has been published in such publications as BBC, National Geographic, China Morning Post, Paris Match and more.Over the last 10 years, Réhahn has amassed a collection of thousands of [...]

Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts II

VIETNAM, MOSAIC OF CONTRASTS II After the success of his first book, Réhahn returns with new colours, new landscapes and new portraits of the country’s diverse ethnic groups in the second book, Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts Volume II . Ranked among the Top 10 best travel photographers, Réhahn has, within [...]

Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts

VIETNAM, MOSAIC OF CONTRASTS Réhahn’s photographs of Vietnam have become some of the most iconic images of the country over the last decade.Réhahn’s passion for photography is deeply aligned with his passion for travel. He has visited and photographed more than 30 countries around the world but his heart is [...]


FACES OF RAJASTHAN   Faces of Rajasthan may be a small photobook but each page is rich in images and emotions. More than 70 of Rehahn’s best photographs taken during his travels in Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Pushkar enliven the book with the vibrant lives and landscapes of the region.DETAILS ABOUT [...]


CHILDREN OF VIETNAM   Children of Vietnam features more than 70 of Rehahn’s best photographs of children living in remote areas in the Northwestern provinces of Vietnam such as Dien Bien Phu, Y-Ty, and Moc Chau as well as in the Central Highlands provinces of Kontum, Dalat, Dak Nong among others.DETAILS [...]

Photographic journey in Vietnam

“Living in Vietnam for two years, it was unthinkable that a day would pass without exploring remotest regions at the border of China, where most of the time the roads are still under construction. Vietnam is an endless source for a people person and photographer specializing in portraits. So I decided to start from Hanoi [...]