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Ageless beauty

How do we define beauty?

Like everything, the definition of what beauty is has evolved with time. What was considered beautiful 50 years ago has changed so much today. Since change is the only constant, I’m sure the definition of beauty will continue to evolve. However, these days, it’s becoming more and more difficult to define what beauty truly is because it means so many different things to so many people..

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Ao Dai – The traditional cloth of Vietnam

Do you know Ao dai is still remained as it is “Aodai” in dictionary?
No word is suitable for translating it. This truly showcases the national tradition behind this type of clothing in Vietnam.
No matter how many times is Ao Dai changed with several alters in styles and formation, the Vietnamese traditional dress still maintains the unique feature that is totally different from clothes of other.

Some people think that Ao Dai is similar to the Mandarin dress but they ignore the fact that Mandarin dress existed from 1920 while Ao Dai  was created a long time before. It means Ao Dai is the distinctive traditional dress of Vietnam.

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Meet the Co Tu ethnic group in Vietnam

Réhahn often visits the Co Tu ethnic group located at 2h from Hoi An.
Cơ Tu or Katu ethnic people mostly live in the central of Vietnam and the eastern Laos. The population of Cơ Tu ethnic group is about more than 61,588. (Source: The 2009 Vietnam Population and Housing Census)

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The loveliest village on earth” seems to be an ambitious statement for Tra Que village if you haven’t made your road to this stunning countryside of Hoi An. Once you get there, you will thoroughly understand why that name is called out.

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Mnong ethnic and elephant in Vietnam

To the M’nông, elephants are the symbols of wealth, power and strong spirit. This is why elephants are always treated as human being in this minority. M’nông people are also well-known for the elephant training skills. Hunting elephant is not an easy job for its potential dangers. The hunters are required to have significant ability to overcome the challenges in jungles. From a wild animal, the elephant is caught and raised as a pet which plays a crucial transportation role in daily life of the M’nông.

In the past, elephants are symbols of war. The chief of the village usually tell stories about how elephants help their ancestor won enemy. To them, elephants are not only their partners but also supporters.

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Tutorial: Shooting Portraits With Soul

Get away from using the phrase take a picture and start using the phrase make a picture“Taking” feels too much like a one-sided action of the photographer seizing something from another person rather than something which is created together between the photographer and the model in agreement, tandem and harmony. Remember the guy that walks up to a person, shoves the camera in their face, snaps a few shots without acknowledging or engaging the person, and then walks away with his catch…? Yes, absolutely, that guy “took” a picture. When you want to photograph someone you meet along the way, engage them, get a sense of their energy, and just ASK them: “Could I make a nice picture of you?”  Simply respect them. It goes a long way, and you’re not getting an image of them if they don’t agree to it anyway. And sometimes you just have to let it go. Sometimes they decline at first but agree later on. But only if you were beautiful to them first can they feel beautiful with you. 

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In the cold night of Sapa

Warm Hearts Make Warm Homes

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” ~ William James

Although many of us are experiencing a snowy winter in our homeland, we are experiencing it with warm coats, boots, socks, hats, interior heat, & hot chocolate.
But right now, in this moment, there are young children and elderly grandparents of poor ethnic minority villages in the remote mountains of Northern Viet Nam that are experiencing sub-freezing conditions (-2°c) with no shoes, not even socks. Many have only a sweater or light jacket, some have none at all. Families are shivering inside their humble, drafty, thatched homes, and the weak grandparents and the ill are especially at risk of death I the cold night by hypothermia.

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Behind the Hidden Smile

The project

Almost every dictionary describes the definition of a smile as ‘a pleased expression, typically with the corners of the mouth turned up and the teeth exposed’. So if there’s one thing we can all agree on it’s that all people smile in the same language.
However, we all know that a smile can hide many different emotions and can change many different situations. A smile is a powerful tool. It can break the ice in an awkward situation and we all know too well that the lack of a smile can also feel as cold as ice. Which makes one wonder, what kind of emotions can lie behind a smile?

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Hoi An, the yellow city of Vietnam

The ancient town

French photographer Réhahn’s latest collection of works titled Hoi An, the Yellow City of Vietnam, is a celebration of the uplifting beauty he sees in the town he now calls home. The fusion of cultures and architectural styles are not the only remarkable elements here; what really takes one’s breath away is the fact that this town is drenched in an uplifting shade of yellow. Hoi An has had many restorative qualities for the photographer, both physical and creative, and this collection is a tribute to the town that has touched his heart and that continues to inspire him to this day.

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BEST OF 2015 by Réhahn

From Vietnam, Malaysia, Cuba and India

This is a selection of 30 photos from the 30 000 photos taken by Réhahn in 2015 (Vietnam, Malaysia, India and Cuba)
Find the best of Vietnam in the new book Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts Vol.2

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The best spots to take photos in Hoi An

Tips for photographers


Whether you’re an amateur photographer or a professional we can all agree that when it comes to taking the best photo, we are all creatures that follow activity and light.

By nature, photographers are always looking for stimulation so after five years of living in Hoi An, I can safely say that as a photographer I never get bored. Every time I go out, morning, noon or night, I find something that ignites my creativity. This town is pure magic and I’m so excited to share some of my tips with you. I will update this article regularly so you can discover more of the magic as I do.

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Success story between Rehahn and his model

How Mrs Xong became the most famous woman in Vietnam

It is during the summer of 2011 in Hoi An that it all began. Réhahn, a photographer who was at the time a tourist with great interest for Vietnam, met Bui Thi Xong, a Vietnamese woman aged 74 years old at the time of their encounter.
This is the incredible story of an elder Vietnamese lady that has become an iconic figure of Vietnam after posing for the French photographer.


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An Phuoc, une petite Vietnamienne aux yeux bleus

An Phước a sept ans. Elle est la cadette de sa famille et vit avec son frère, sa sœur ainsi que ses parents près de Phan Rang au sud du Viet Nam. Son père et sa mère vivent essentiellement de petits travaux de menuiserie ou de poterie. Cette modeste famille n’a jamais quitté le village où ils sont établis.

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An Phuoc, a little Vietnamese with blue eyes


An Phước is seven years old. She is the youngest in her family and lives with her brother, her sister and her parents near Phan Rang. Her father and mother make a living mainly from small carpentry work and pottery. They are a modest family who have never left their home town.

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Réhahn’s photo book in Vietnam

List of the resellers

If you live in Vietnam, you can find Réhahn’s photo books in few places such bookstores, shops and galleries.

VIETNAM, MOSAIC OF CONTRASTS (140 pages, 145 photographs )
DIMENSION: 28cm x 33cm
LANGUAGES: English and French

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15 photos that will make you want to visit Hoi An

By Réhahn Photography

Hội An is an ancient city located in central coast of Vietnam. This ancient town is well known for its tranquility and beautiful scenery. Besides the city traditional neighborhood and its beautiful yellow walls, Hoi An also has great beaches, green rice fields that separated by small roads which make it perfect for bicycle rides. In addition, the village of Tra Que which located a few kilometer outside of Hoi An Ancient Town is another must visit place. This small village is home to hundreds residents who main occupation is to grow all kinds of vegetables. Hoi An offers its best sunsets and sunrises from May to September. More photos in the books of Réhahn

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With the Bajaus people

For many years now, Réhahn has traveled the world and has witnessed the existence of the “forgotten ones”: those peoples who, despite the ravages of globalization, are trying to live according to their ancestral traditions. Just a few days ago, he went off in search of the Malaysian Bajau, who are also known as sea gypsies. His expedition was no smooth ride, as it’s very difficult to come in contact with these people, who live far away from civilisation.

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On the road

I spend most of my time on Vietnamese roads, in the remotest areas. It is common for me to see children all by themselves, on the side of the roads. These photos are spread in multiple photo albums which can sometime make us forget that they even exist.

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In the Hmong culture

Indigo dye is a plant that produces an organic compound with a distinctive dark blue color.
This plant is native of the tropics and in occurrence Vietnam. Historically, Indigo was used as a natural way of dyeing clothes fabrics in blue but in modern days it is a synthetic form of indigo that is used. Around 20 million kilos of synthetic indigo is produced every year just to color jeans in blue.

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93 and 81 years old in Vietnam


Lê Văn Sẻ was born on 02/02/1923 – he is 91 years old and his wife – Nguyễn Thị Lợi is 83 years old.
They have been together for 63 years. Sẻ was Lợi’s first and only love at the age of 21. They are both born in the vegetable village of Trà Quế, 3 kilometers from the town center. Although, Trà Quế is part of Hoi An for them Trà Quế is a different town, it is their town of 400 habitants.

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