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Referred to as someone who “captures the souls of his models”, (Wanderlust Travel Magazine 2018) Réhahn is more than just a man behind a camera. Behind each click is a story-a child with startling blue eyes, a womanpulling a needle through indigo fabric, a man walking alone down a brightly painted street-these stories and the passion to learn more about the culture, diversity and changing traditions of his subjects are what drives Réhahn’s work.

Réhahn’s unique combination of fine art photography and documentary styles results in images that both inform and mesmerize. His portraits of Vietnam, Cuba and India are particularly well-known for exactly this reason. They take the viewer along on the voyage to catch a glimpse of authentic interactions with people, their smiles, their wisdom, their daily lives. For Réhahn, photography is a way to approach people, to document what is happening in the present while also learning about the traditions and heritage of their past.

Réhahn visited over 35 countries before making Hoi An, Vietnam his home in 2011. His first book “Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts” has been a bestseller since 2014. He followed this success with two subsequent books: “Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts Vol ll” in 2015 and “The Collection, Réhahn – 10 years photography” in 2017.

In 2016, for International Women’s day, Réhahn’s portrait of Madam Xong was placed in the permanent collection at the Hanoi Women’s museum. The resulting media coverage amassed more than 80 articles and 10 television interviews. Now just over two years later, Réhahn has been featured in international media totalling more than 500 articles and interviews and over 50 television appearances.

One highlight in 2018 was being honored during an ocial ceremony, which was organized to celebrate 45 years of friendship between France and Vietnam. Vietnam’s Secretary of the Party, Nguyen Phu Trong, who has since become the President of Vietnam, gifted Réhahn’s portrait “Madam Xong” to French President Emmanuel Macron.

In addition to the museum, Réhahn has four COULEURS BY RÉHAHN galleries: two in Hoi An and two in Saigon. The first is located on the famous Dong Khoi street near the opera house and the second is in the InterContinental Saigon hotel.

Réhahn is grateful for the support and encouragement he receives from his fans and for the irreplaceable connections he has made with the diverse people of Vietnam.

Important Dates

January 2014
Réhahn publishes his first book, “Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts”, a collection of 150 photographs depicting the country’s diversity. A bestseller in Vietnam, the book is sold in 29 other countries as well.

October 2014

Réhahn captures the photo “Best Friends”, which shows a 6-year-old M’nong girl praying to an elephant. Thanks to the press agency Caters in New York, it was published in more than 25 countries and was featured on the cover of prestigious magazines such as Condé Nast Traveler, The Times and National Geographic, to name a few.

December 2014

The website Bored Panda, ranks Réhahn 4th out of the 10 best portrait and travel photographers in the world, alongside other internationally renowned photographers. This article is translated into more than 20 languages.

May 2015

The photographs “Best Friends” and “Hidden Smile” become part of the collection of the Asian House Museum in Havana, Cuba as a result of the exhibition “Valiosa Herencia” (Precious Heritage).

October 2015

The last copy of “Best Friends” (1 x 1.5 m) is sold for $17,000 USD to a collector from Amsterdam making it the most expensive photograph sold in Vietnam (Forbes Vietnam).

November 2015

The second volume of “Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts, Volume II” is met with great success. More than 500 copies are sold within the first month.

January 2016

Réhahn is ranked the second most popular French photographer on the web by the photography website,

March 2016

The photo “Hidden Smile” ocially enters the permanent collection of the Vietnamese Women’s Museum in Hanoi in the presence of Madame Xong, the 78-year-old model of the photo.

June 2016

The French travel TV program “Échappées Belles” (France 5), follows Réhahn on his travels and introduces his work to the French.

1st of January 2017

Opening of the Precious Heritage Art Gallery Museum in Hoi An in Central Vietnam. More than 200 photographs of Vietnam and its ethnic diversity and more than 30 original, traditional costumes are displayed.

1st of June 2017

Opening of COULEURS BY RÉHAHN, Fine Art Photography Gallery, on Dong Khoi Street in Saigon.

December 2017

Expansion of the second part of the Precious Heritage Art Gallery

March 2018

Awarded the 2018 Trophy for French Nationals Abroad by the French information website “” Réhahn accepted the trophy in Paris at the Quai d’Orsay surrounded by 300 dignitaries including M. Nguyen Thiep, the Ambassador for Vietnam in France.

March 2018

French President Emmanuel Macron is presented with the portrait of Madam Xong, known as “Hidden Smile” to commemorate 45 years of Friendship between France and Vietnam.

October 2018

Opening of COULEURS BY RÉHAHN, Fine Art Photography Gallery, in the InterContinental hotel Saigon.

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