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Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts III

The third book in the bestselling Vietnam- Mosaic of Contrasts series has just been released with never before seen photographs as well as iconic images that celebrate the beauty and diversity of the country.

Volume III showcases the landscapes, lifestyles and cultures of Vietnam that Réhahn has encountered and immersed himself in over the course of his travels. It also reveals an evolution of the artist himself. The 3rd Volume of this ongoing collection marks an important milestone in Réhahn’s career – the completion of The Precious Heritage Project after nearly a decade of research to meet all 54 recognized ethnic groups in Vietnam. This series inspired the photographer to think like an anthropologist, a historian, and a sociologist, forever changing the way that he approaches his work.

“Vietnam- Mosaic of Contrasts Volume III” is available as a full-colour coffee table size book in the online store. Limited editions will be signed by the artist.


  • ISBN: 978-604-86-4292-1
  • Publisher: Réhahn Photography
  • Travel photography
  • Hardcover book
  • Coffee Table Book (2,4kg)
  • Dimensions: 28cm x 33cm
  • 182 pages
  • 183 photographs by Rehahn
  • Written in both English and French
  • Price:  149 € (free shipping – book signed by the artist)
  • Discuss large volume orders with us at [email protected]

In this book


From the sweetness of first friendships to the wonder of play, these photographs aim to capture the essence of what it’s like to grow up in rural Vietnam. Each image is inspired by the secret world of childhood—a place where magic can overcome almost anything.
Many of the children in these portraits come from the diverse ethnic groups present throughout Vietnam. Some wear intricate tribal garments, others bask in the pleasures of sunshine, all offer up their joy for life without a second thought.


The most interesting faces are those that show the marks of time. Take a deeper look at the people who so often go unnoticed … those smile lines around their eyes were earned from moments lived in laughter. Sadness, resilience, anger and love are sketched in as well telling a story without words.
In Vietnam, the elderly are the keepers of their cultural narratives – folk tales, and family lines, ancient traditions and artisanal heritage. A moment passed in the good company of these venerable people is a moment lived in the pursuit of knowledge.


A country where colours bloom bright across undeveloped lands and craftsmanship is still favoured over mass production, Vietnam reveals its charms for those who know where to look. Just outside of Hoi An you might see farmers harvesting oversized lotus flowers, while a trip to the central highlands could allow you a glimpse of a Mnong celebration in honour of the strength of elephants.
Life in the countryside is marked by hard work alongside remarkable landscapes. In every encounter with the artisans of Vietnam, there is a possibility to witness the ancient heritage of Vietnam in action and to find the balance inherent within the craftsmanship.


Whether one happens to be perched high in the mountains above Sapa or gazing across tranquil waterways in Central Vietnam, there is a moment just as dawn arrives that the world is almost silent, as if waiting for something to happen. Then shades of pink, purple and orange creep up from the horizon, blurring together like watercolours.
From majestic cliffs to Hoi An’s historic yellow buildings, the otherworldly beauty of Vietnam’s landscapes comes from the tranquillity that can be found in the harmony of contrasts.

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