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Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts

Réhahn’s photos of Vietnam have become some of the most iconic images of the country over the last decade.

The artist’s passion for photography is deeply aligned with his passion for travel. He has visited and photographed dozens of countries around the world but his heart is always drawn back to Vietnam where he has lived since 2011. The incredible cultural diversity of his adopted country never ceases to inspire him.

Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts is a compilation taken from an archive of over 27,000 photographs of iconic locations such as Hoi An, Sapa and the Central Highlands of Vietnam. It includes exclusive early portraits from some of his most celebrated projects such as “Hidden Smile“, “Precious Heritage“, and “Ageless Beauty“.  

This Fine Art coffee table book is filled with more than 145 full-color photos. It has been a bestseller for six consecutive years in Vietnam.

Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts cover Photography book Vietnam - Beaux livres sur le Vietnam


  • ISBN: 978-604-93-6436-5
  • Publisher: Réhahn Photography
  • Travel photography
  • Hardcover book
  • Coffee Table Book (2,2kg)
  • Dimensions: 28cm x 33cm
  • 140 pages
  • 145 photographs by Rehahn
  • Written in both English and French
  • Price:  149 € (free shipping – book signed by the artist)
  • Discuss large volume orders with us at [email protected]

In this Photography book


Children are as spontaneous in their joys as they are in their sorrows. When a child is born, he or she is oblivious of the concept of the pampered child that has become so characteristic of the Western world.
On our planet, there are more poor children than rich, but a smile can survive even within the deepest poverty, perhaps even surpassing it with its candor and authenticity. The innocence of a child can be portrayed through all types of expressions, from amazement to gloom.
Could a glance into a child’s gaze create an imprint within us of who we are, of what might still remain of our childlike souls?


The lines on a face adorn the features. They are witnesses to the passage of time and experience, but they also show the life that is there, charged with its kindnesses. Life’s misfortunes cannot be perceived at a glance but what can be seen is that the weight of them is lifted by the irrepressible hope to continue to live.
Is it possible to imagine the entire history of a tribe of people through one person’s eyes?
Deep within these portraits the profound richness of humanity is revealed with candor. The eye is as much of a mirror as it is a bottomless fountain, within which one can get lost at times, but it is always possible to find oneself again. A gaze does not age nor lie; all of Vietnam is concentrated here.


Life, only life, is what overflows from behind the camera lens. Within these scenes of daily life the weight of the patient history of Vietnam and its people, busy and peaceful at the same time, can be gleaned.
This strange communion with the land gives sense and meaning to life: a challenge for anyone who wants to understand and communicate with the soul of Vietnam.


Vietnam’s landscapes have a soul; nothing is inanimate, everything is surging towards the sun, luxuriating in calm and sensuality. The music of nature reveals its infinite notes to sensitive souls, the variations are unlimited.
The legendary beauty of this country is profound–it is not a sad place for those who gaze at it with sensitivity and equanimity. Vietnam is alive!

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