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Collection of Johnnie Walker Bottles Featuring Réhahn Photographs

Johnnie Walker, the world’s most well-known Scotch whisky brand, has created a series of collectable art bottles in collaboration with Réhahn photography.

The Diageo-owned brand recently joined the arts and cultural scene with its global artistic collaborations ranging from street artists to master painters, photographers, and designers. The highly collective series appeal to connoisseurs of both arts and spirits alike, with their gallery-worthy bottles filled with the brand’s exclusive Blue Label whisky.

Four of Réhahn’s most iconic photographs—Into the Wave, Tradition, Blue Windows, and Resting Gold—were chosen for limited edition series of 100 numbered bottles per style. With Johnnie Walker Blue Label as their canvas, each photograph spreads across four bottles like classic quadriptych panel paintings.

The series were launched in December 2022 and were an instant success. The majority of bottles sold out at the launch party, which was attended by celebrities such as MC Lieu Ha Trinh, Designer Ly Quy Khanh, Singer Vo Ha Tram, Art Director Dzung Yoko and Chloe Nguyen.

The popularity of the series prompted Johnnie Walker Blue Label to choose a 5th photograph for their final custom label of 2022 – From the Sky.
Each photograph tells a different story of life in Vietnam. Into the Wave celebrates the country’s fishing industry, yet, the vibrant tones of emerald and magenta and the textural intrigue of the fishing net lift the artwork into the realm of fantasy. The original limited edition photograph broke records when it nearly sold out in Réhahn’s galleries in less than six months.
Tradition was taken in 2015 and remains one of the artist’s most popular works eight years later. It highlights the charm of Hoi An’s Ancient Town, with the city’s memorable yellow architecture acting as background for a student walking by in her pure white ao dai. Only one Collector’s Edition sized photograph remains in this limited edition series.

Blue Windows also features historical Hoi An, however, this artwork focuses on the interplay between harmonizing color palettes. Yellow walls and bright blue windows create a frame for a merchant woman walking by with her traditional bamboo shoulder baskets. Blue Windows is sold out in the Large sized edition. A few prized copies remain in the Collector’s Edition size.
Resting Gold is one of the artist’s more recent works for his Impressionism photographic series. The deep ochre yellow of the rice fields contrasts with the sky blue of the sleeping man’s shirt – a classic color palette used by artists such as Van Gogh and Pissarro. The textural element of the rice stalks add a painterly quality to the work that lends itself perfectly to Johnnie Walker’s amber-toned whisky bottles. This new work is already halfway sold out in both Limited Edition sizes.

From the Sky, the photo chosen for the final label of the year, is a masterful blend of tranquility and colorful depth. It features a man sleeping in a boat floating in an expanse of moss-green water. Only one copy remains in Limited Edition series.

All series are available at the Johnnie Walker boutique in Saigon, while stocks last.

About Johnnie Walker
Created in 1820, Johnnie Walker is now the world’s number-one Scotch Whisky brand. It is sold in 180 countries while always maintaining the founder’s focus on quality. Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky has become synonymous with prestige. It was created by master blenders to showcase the fine balance of the brand’s custom scotch blends.