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Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts II

Following the success of his first book, Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts, the French photographer, Réhahn, decided to publish a second volume with 150 new pictures from his time in Vietnam. Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts II, was published in November 2015 and follows Réhahn’s journey through the country as he discovers and captures the diverse cultures and people of Vietnam. Volume II contains more images from Réhahn’s exploration of the Central Highlands and the North West of Vietnam.

To capture many of the images in his new photography book, Réhahn had to travel to some of the most secluded and untouched areas of Vietnam. Over the years, he has obtained many permits in order to visit these isolated ethnic villages and the people living in them, so that he can capture their heritage and their stories. The French photographer has captured a truly different yet beautiful side to Vietnam, that many people would otherwise never see in their lifetime.


  • ISBN: 978-604-89-4084-3
  • Publisher: Réhahn Photography
  • Travel photography
  • Hardcover book
  • Coffee Table Book 28cm x 33cm
  • 140 pages
  • 145 photographs by Rehahn
  • Written in both English and French
  • Price:  149 € (free shipping – book signed by the artist)
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Childhood is like a firework, an explosion. We may consider children to be carefree in nature, but in truth this is not the case. They are utterly preoccupied with pushing the boundaries of what might be possible. They care about everything: their strong desires to live, to express themselves and to be in the company of others. Their innocence is not naïve; it is simply the ability that they have not yet lost – to be moved and to marvel spontaneously. The children in these photographs have their eyes wide open to life and live the precious freedom of unhindered play to the fullest.


Like a plough blade, years carve lines onto the body, recording the passage of harvests and moons. The sun, wind and rain harden the skin and make sculptures out of smiles. It is here, within the crease of an eye or a furrow between the brow, that an entire life can be written. The messages that one can read, far from sad, are luminous and filled with meaning. Charles de Gaulle once said that old age is a shipwreck, yet, these noble faces from Vietnam fondly remind us that life is an ocean of tenderness, mischief and wisdom. Their faces brighten our hearts and our paths. Time can be a marvellous voyage!


The daily gestures are simple and precise, with no sign of weariness. Industrious and nimble, each movement is like the bead of a rosary that serenely tells its story. Time is not suspended in flight, but spreads its wings like an eagle soaring higher whilst preserving its energy; attentive, and ready for anything. Far from the feverish, somber agitation of the daily grind, the daily life here has breath in all its movements.


A country is more than just a land. It’s the sky above it, the contours of its rivers, the myriad of colours that spring from its soil. A country is the ever changing light that seeps into the valleys, that highlights mountain tops and dances between the suspended drops of water in the tropical, humid air. Whether one sees a brick house peeking out from billowing shrubs or roads spiralling down cliffs, man’s labour appears like a stonemason who adds straight lines to the natural curves on the landscape. From the splendour of the mountains and hillsides to the reflections that sparkle on flooded paddy fields, when the heart and the eyes are attentive, nature shines on an oh so photogenic Vietnam!

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