Following the success of his first book, Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts, the French photographer, Rehahn, decided to publish a second volume with 150 new pictures from his time in Vietnam. Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts II, was published in November 2015 and follows Rehahn’s journey through the country as he discovers and captures the diverse cultures and people of Vietnam. Volume II contains more images from Rehahn’s exploration of the Central Highlands and the North West of Vietnam.

To capture many of the images in his new photography book, Rehahn had to travel to some of the most secluded and untouched areas of Vietnam. Over the years, he has obtained many permits in order to visit these isolated ethnic villages and the people living in them, so that he can capture their heritage and their stories. The French photographer has captured a truly different yet beautiful side to Vietnam, that many people would otherwise never see in their lifetime.

Coffee Table Book 28cm x 33cm,
140 pages,
145 photographs by Rehahn,
Written in both English and French.