New  Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts VOL II

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Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts VOL II (Signed by Rehahn)

Vietnam-Mosaic of Contrast, is a compilation of 150 best photos from Réhahn taken in 2014-2015. This BIG COFFEE TABLE BOOK (2.3kg, 28x33cm) is a diary of the French photographer’s journey in his new homeland, Vietnam, and its people, culture, lifestyle.

This book will be signed by the artist.

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Vietnam-Mosaic of Contrasts, is a compilation of 150 best photos from Réhahn. This BIG COFFEE TABLE BOOK (2.3kg, 28x33cm) is a diary of the French photographer’s journey in his new homeland, Vietnam, and its people, culture, lifestyle. Réhahn’s sharing of what he has encountered and learned throughout his 8 years travel in this country allow the world and most Vietnamese to discover something beyond what usually seen in Vietnam.

Prefer to share only photos of children, the elders, some sceneries and lifestyle of Vietnam, Rehahn usually choose not to tell the story of each photo. He wants his viewers to absorb their own perspective in the photo and to come up with their own story for it. It’s something Réhahn would love to share with his viewers if they will ever meet because Réhahn love to speak to people about stories he has encountered during his road trip around Vietnam.

It’s with Vietnam Mosaic of Contrasts that people will see the beauty of Vietnam through a very different angle. The children with such pure and innocent face, the elders with their wrinkle face, rough hands are what Réhahn wants everyone to see what so different about his view of Vietnam compare to the other photographers. It’s a natural look, yet, with much more meaning in each photo as he spends his time getting to know each character in his photo. Perhaps, Réhahn wants his viewer to discover a Vietnam with many forgotten heritage and culture. It is the reason why he chooses to travel to the most secluded mountains and villages for his photo shooting. Réhahn’s photos are something that most foreigners or even Vietnamese rarely see in the busy city or more tourist areas of Vietnam.

Note: This book will be signed by the artist. 

DIMENSION: 28cm x 33cm
LANGUAGES: English and French

From Vietnam 


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