Hidden smile

Madam Xong is the dynamic 74-year-old woman featured on the cover of Réhahn’s first book “Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts” and later in two projects entitled “Hidden Smile” and “Ageless Beauty.” Madam Xong’s unforgettable smile has appeared in over 200 published articles worldwide, making her one of the most recognizable faces in Vietnam!

This iconic photo is now displayed in the Vietnamese Women’s Museum in Hanoi, and was gifted to French President Emmanuel Macron by Vietnam's Secretary of the Party, Nguyen Phu Trong, who has since become the President of Vietnam.
Madam Xong has become a symbol of the hard work, strength, and kindness of Vietnamese women.

The giga-size has been limited to 3 copies worldwide.

Hoi An, 2011
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This photograph is printed on high quality paper and delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by REHAHN.

Note: Reproductions (40x60cm) are generally limited to 20 copies sold online. Sold-out photographs will still be available in our galleries.