Rehahn was listed at the fourth best portrait photographer in the world on a prominent buzz site, BOREDPANDA.COM. (1.5 Million followers on FB, 3 Millions on G+) The article features Rehahn’s photos alongside very famous photographers such as Steve McCurry, Jimmy Nelsson, Lee Jeffries and others. Within just a week of the article being published, more than 260,000 people views. It was shared on social medias more than 15,000 times.  A big success in the world of media ‘buzz’ and has within days been reproduced on many other ‘buzz’ websites around the world. (Greece, Thailand, France, Estonia, Iran, China, Japan…) changing sometimes the order, putting Réhahn N2 right after Steve McCurry sometimes (Src: Daily Geek Show)
Here are a few examples:
In Russia, on Adme.Ru
In Thailand on
In Portugal on Social One
In Indonesia on
In Poland on
In Turkey on
In Hong Kong on
In Hungary on 
In Peru on
In Greece on
In Armenia on
In Mongolia on
In Roumania on
In Iran on
In Serbia on
In Spain on
In Slovakia on
In Italty on