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Precious Heritage Book – 3rd Ed.

The 3rd edition of “Precious Heritage” will be officially released on October 15, 2021. This full-color book showcases portraits, stories, and factual information about all 54 officially recognized ethnic groups in Vietnam. For the first time since Réhahn finished the Precious Heritage project in 2019, all tribes will be represented in both the museum and in the Precious Heritage book.

This special Collector’s Edition includes photographs of all the recognized ethnic groups residing in North, Central, and South Vietnam, such as the Hmong, Mnong, Dao, Co Tu, and Cham. Each photo is accompanied by Réhahn’s personal story of meeting the group, as well as details about the traditional tribal garments worn by the individual in the portrait.

Precious Heritage” gives a full vision of Vietnam’s incredible diversity and the power of the ancient traditions of the country’s tribal culture. To fully immerse yourself in the experience, don’t hesitate to visit The Precious Heritage Museum in Hoi An, Vietnam, where life-size portraits, authentic garments, and artefacts are preserved and displayed. Free to the public.


    • ISBN: 978-604-328-458-4
    • Publisher: Réhahn Photography
    • Cultural photography
    • Soft cover book
    • Dimensions: 15cm x 21cm
    • 140 pages
    • Over 100 photographs by Rehahn
    • Written in both English and French
    • Price:  55 € (free shipping – book signed by the artist)
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