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At the Museum of Ethnology

On the 1st of August 2017, The Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi opened the Precious Heritage exhibition to the public. The exhibit featured thirty-five photographs from world renowned photographer, Réhahn, which display the rich diversity of Vietnams ethnic minorities. His collection is a celebration of traditional Vietnamese costume and custom, which he describes as a mosaic of Vietnams beautiful people.

The Precious Heritage collection aims to capture all fifty-four of the ethnic minority groups in Vietnam has been Réhahn’s most challenging project so far. He hopes the project will preserve a part of the diminishing ethnic culture in Vietnam and will inspire others to take interest in these incredible and diverse minority groups.

Réhahn says that “photography is a beautiful way to preserve, share and promote culture. I hope that these groups feel pride when they see my photography. I hope they can see the beauty as I do.”

Professor Vo Quang Trong believes that this exhibition is an opportunity to show the museums audience the extraordinary beauty of the different ethnic groups in Vietnam. He believes that Réhahn offers a lens with which to capture the bright souls of the Vietnamese people in their traditional dress and will bring much happiness and pride to those who come and visit.