Vietnam’s conical hats, known as “non la” in Vietnamese, have a captivating story behind their creation. It’s incredible to discover that nearly all of these hats are meticulously handmade. Skilled artisans utilize bamboo or grass reeds to craft these iconic headpieces. With a remarkable display of craftsmanship, the reeds are threaded through circular frames, interweaving them skillfully into a sturdy structure that offers protection from the scorching sun and the pouring rain. Remarkably, a single conical hat can be painstakingly crafted within the span of an afternoon.

This photographic portfolio pays homage to the artisans who have dutifully passed down their skills from one generation to another, ensuring the continuity of this cherished tradition. Réhahn’s non la photos celebrate the wearers who embrace and perpetuate the significance of these conical hats in Vietnamese culture.

While these timeless crafts can be found throughout Vietnam, it is important to note they are slowly declining in popularity amongst younger generations. Nevertheless, each conical hat remains a living testament to the rich heritage and cultural legacy of Vietnam.

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