Réhahn’s Phu Quoc Photography Collection is an exploration of the understated beauty found within Vietnam’s premier vacation destination. Step beyond the realms of luxury resorts and immerse yourself in a visual journey that captures the essence of this enchanting island.

The focus is on the changes in the light on the beaches and waves of the Phu Quoc coastline as well as the artisanal fishermen who skillfully cast out their nets, revealing the traditions deeply rooted in the island’s culture. From moody sunsets spreading their golden hues over turquoise waters to an artistic glimpse of the daily lives of locals fishermen, this collection goes beyond the picturesque landscapes, to delving into the vibrant lifestyles that make Phu Quoc truly unique.

Changing Phu Quoc

The island has rapidly changed from an island dependent on fishing and agriculture to a destination filled with luxurious accommodations. The photos in this portfolio are meant to be a reminder that authentic connections to the history, traditions and culture can still be found. The scenes offer a sense of serenity and peace, a visual sanctuary of light and color, culture and nostalgia.

Sunrise in Phu Quoc
Sunrise in Phu Quoc

What is the best time to visit Phu Quoc ?

The optimal period for visiting Phu Quoc spans from November through April. Phu Quoc experiences two distinct seasons: a dry spell stretching from November to April, and a wet season from May to October. Throughout the year, the climate maintains warmth, with temperatures averaging around 26°C.

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