Fishing holds a place of utmost importance within Vietnam, serving as one of its key industries. The spectrum spans from grand shrimping boats that line the coastlines to humble basket boats, gently bobbing through the seas with a lone fisherman and his handmade net. Réhahn’s Fishermen in Vietnam photographic portfolio focuses on artisanal fishermen and their ancestral skills.

Day after day, the artist captured the fishermen as they embarked on their maritime voyages, casting off from the shore. The timeless connections between the serenity of fishing and the realm of fine art can be glimpsed within the beauty of their meticulously hand-mended nets, tinged in jewel-toned emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. The nets cast vibrant hues upon the waters and the skies as the fishermen toss them out, in hopes of a fruitful catch. It is within these magical moments, where sunlight dances upon shimmering surfaces and reflections transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, that Réhahn finds inspiration for his photographs in the series “Fishing in Vietnam”.

Each fine art photo conveys a sense of tranquility and a profound connection between mankind and nature. These images immortalize the delicate balance that exists between tradition and modernity amongst heritage fishermen. As you step off Vietnam’s shores and immerse yourself in the ever-changing light, find solace in the tranquility and meditative quality that resonates from Vietnam’s fishing legacy, offering a source of contemplation and inspiration.

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