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2 photos at the Asian Museum of la Habana

Two of Rehahn’s photographs are now on permanent display at the Asian Museum in La Habana, Cuba. Following his exhibition on the 15th of May, 2015, the museum’s director decided to add two of Rehahn’s best selling images; Best Friends and Hidden Smile to their exhibit. There are only fifteen [...]

0ne month, 5 countries, 5 exhibitions

It will be the busiest month of the year for Réhahn. 5 countries in one month, 5 exhibitions (Free) All details will be online very soon. Stay connected on the fanpage to get information. Toronto – Canada 9th – 31st of May at Art world Gallery Opening night on the [...]


The exhibition Precious Heritage will start in la Habana (Cuba) on 16th May until 31st. The opening night will be on 15th on invitation only. (Send us an email to be on the list). 40 photos of Vietnam will be on display (60x90cm) in the the Museum Casa de Asia. Address: Mercaderes #111 e/ [...]

Precious Heritage Exhibition in Ho Chi Minh

Réhahn’s latest work focuses on the people of Vietnam’s ethnic minorities who are in danger of losing their identities in the 21st century. Based in Vietnam, Réhahn is able to visit remote areas year after year and return to visit the people in his photographs again and again, recording the [...]


Rehahn was listed at the fourth best portrait photographer in the world on a prominent buzz site, BOREDPANDA.COM. (1.5 Million followers on FB, 3 Millions on G+) The article features Rehahn’s photos alongside very famous photographers such as Steve McCurry, Jimmy Nelsson, Lee Jeffries and others. Within just a week of the [...]


Kim Luan is of M’Nong origins (Ethnic minority on the highlands). She is 6 years old and lives with her family in a small village near Buon Ma Thuot. The M’Nongs live with the elephants, that are considered like members of the family. While going in the search of these [...]

COULEURS D’ASIE opened in Hoi An

In October, Couleur D’asie opened its doors at 7 Nguyen Hue Street (Hoi An - Vietnam); the gallery features more than 100 photographs. In the gallery, Réhahn has displayed some of his best work with some limited editions certified by the photographer himself; also showcasing his book and variety of [...]

4 photos signed in exclusivity for Caters News in NYC

Caters News bought the story of young girl with elephant including 4 photos to sell to their clients in  40 countries. This young girl Kim Luan is from MNong Minority and lives in Buon Ma Thuot (Central Highlands of Vietnam)

In National Geographic magazine

Arzu, 10 years old is in National Geographic magazine (French edition) in October 2014 as the photo of the month. This young girl is from Rajasthan in India  

On the road again

Réhahn is on the road again to visit the province of Điện Biên Phủ (Northwest region of Vietnam) Details of the trip: Điện Biên Phủ - Mường Chà - Mường Nhé - Mường Lay - Mường Tè - Lai Châu - SaPa To see the first photos, rendez-vous sur sa [...]

Next exhibition of Réhahn in Paris

Réhahn will introduce Vietnam in Paris with an exhibition from 26th to 28th September at Opéra de Massy for the Globe Trotters Festival. More than 5000 people