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Louis Vuitton Has Acquired 3 Original Photographs

Louis Vuitton, a longstanding symbol of luxury fashion, has recently opened a newly renovated store on Dong Khoi street in Ho Chi Minh City featuring fine art photographic images of Vietnam by Réhahn.

The fashion house acquired three of the artist’s iconic limited edition images in 2017, which, alongside a painting by Nguyen Thanh Binh, one of the most celebrated artists in South East Asia, serve to add cultural and historical interest to the Louis Vuitton customer experience. 

The chosen photographs, Tradition 2,From the Sky and Sunset in Hoi An showcase the natural and nostalgic beauty of Vietnam, in compliment to the modern architecture of the store.

Réhahn used the proceeds to finance a project for his ongoing Giving Back Project.”  The artist planned to build a museum and cultural center for the Co Tu tribe in Tay Giang, an area in the Quang Nam province of Vietnam. 
Louis Vuitton Ho Chi Minh City is well placed on the historical Dong Khoi street near the Opera House and the famous Caravelle Hotel. The three photographs can be viewed during the store’s opening hours, and are also available in both Reproduction and limited edition in the Réhahn Photography shop