Do you sell prints of your work?

Yes, I do. All photos are available in 40x60cm, 60x90cm and 100x150cm but in limited edition.  Please visit the shop online 

Do you pay the models?

No, I don’t. Here are reasons:

– I don’t know whether I will sell that photo or not because I have more than 100,000 photos about Vietnam.

– I created a project named Giving Back to support my characters. You can read it here

Do you use extra lights?

I never use extra light, flash or tripod. Only natural light.

Can I be your assistant/carry your bags?

Unfortunately, I rarely need any extra assistance. I like to travel alone and get some help from the locals when I’m in need.

Do you speak Vietnamese ?

Chi mot chut thoi…

A little bit…

Can I use some photos for my website?

It depends on each situation and individual. Generally, if your website is related to advertisement or any financial purpose, you are not allowed to use the photos without permission so please contact us. The procedure is the same for other business, company, corporation, religious or charitable organization. Please ask for permission of using the photos.

Other bloggers and internet folks who use my photos without financial benefits, just because you love them, be my guest and help yourself. Don’t forget to credit the images with links back to their source. But please inform me in advance.

All the images on this site are copyright at Réhahn Photography

For all other syndication related to enquiries, please use this form and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you organize workshop or photo tours?

No, I don’t

What camera do you use?

I currently use Canon 5D Mark IV cameras with mostly Canon prime lenses.

You will always find the following lenses in my bag as Canon 16-35 (f2.8), Canon 85mm (f1.2), Canon 70-200mm (f2.8)