Kim Luan is of M’Nong origins (Ethnic minority on the highlands). She is 6 years old and lives with her family in a small village near Buon Ma Thuot. The M’Nongs live with the elephants, that are considered like members of the family.
While going in the search of these models, a little girl photographed in 2011, Réhahn has the chance to meet this little girl and her elephant. This photo is even more unique because the little girl is wearing a traditional costume, which has become rare, except for certain poor families.

4 photographs signed in New York

Caters News Agency has offered a contract for the 4 photos of this little girl. The day after signature, the photo was on the front page of a thousand newspapers worldwide. All started with the Daily Mail, then the TIMES in London. All the Vietnamese media followed then the Japan, China, Italy, Iran, Slovakia, France, Germany, Holland …

The best seller

This photo has become one of the best sellers in Réhahn’s gallery, Couleurs D’Asie. A limited edition to 15 copies in 60x90cm, printed in France on high quality paper (Kodak Endura Metallic) is for sale. One of another very limited edition (3 copies) in 1×1.5m was already sold. To know about the price, please contact Réhahn

Sharing with the family of Kim Luan

Réhahn has therefore decided to find this little girl very soon and give a part of the benefits to her family.