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Discovery of Unregistered Tribe in Vietnam

Réhahn recently returned from a new expedition to seek out the final few ethnic groups that are not yet included in the Precious Heritage Museum.

While traveling to visit the Pa Then ethnic group, a surprise encounter led to an unbelievable discovery. Réhahn met a woman working for the government who revealed that she was a member of a tribe named Thuy that had not yet been recorded in the 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam.
Réhahn traveled to the village of only 100 inhabitants the following day, and learned more about this mysterious tribe. The Thuy originally came from China where they were a subgroup of the Water H’Mong. When they immigrated to Vietnam, they were given the name Thuy, which means water in Vietnamese. The Thuy have a language that is completely unique to their group, yet, they are classified as a subgroup of the Pa Then tribe.

At some point in their history, their costume, and the techniques for making it, were lost. However, in 2008, the regional government recreated 12 Thuy costumes from the memories of one of the eldest women in the village as a way to preserve their heritage.

The Thuy people have a strong interest in regaining their old traditions and owning their traditional costumes again.
Réhahn decided to help them recreate this part of their history by paying for 16 more costumes to be made. As he was leaving, the tribe insisted on giving two costumes to Réhahn for the museum.