Biography of Réhahn

Réhahn is a photographer born in Normandy, France. He has travelled to more than 35 countries prior to making Hoi An, central Vietnam, his home in 2011. He is particularly known for his portraits of Vietnam, Cuba and India, and the media regularly describe him as the photographer “who captures the soul of his models” (Paris Match, August 2015). Réhahn invests his time and builds strong relationships with with the people he meets, hence his Giving Back Project.

After first journeying to the northern regions of the country and making his way down, he has witnessed firsthand the complex diversity and fragility of some ethnic groups’ cultural heritage.  Having already met 45 of the 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam, he now focuses his work on completing this project. By capturing images of these exceptionally contrasting cultures, and collecting their traditional costumes and precious artifacts, he has built up the Precious Heritage Collection, which is now the core of the eponymous Gallery Museum.

Réhahn is one of the most featured photographers of the last 4 years, having amassed a serious following. He collaborates with National Geographic, BBC, Travel Live… on a regular basis for the purchase of his photographs. Numerous articles have also been published in the international media such as the BBC, Los Angeles Times, National Geographic, Business Insider, The Independent, Foto Digital, Travel Live, Conde Nast Traveler, Elle, Paris Match, Marie-Claire, Esquire, Geo, Forbes… totalling more than 500 articles and interviews during the last 4 years alone ( including at least 50 television appearances on Vietnamese national channels).

The Photographer is very active on social networks and interacts with his fans regularly. His Facebook page is one of the most dynamic with more than 419,000 followers (February 2017).

January 2014 : He publishes his first book, «Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts», collection of 150 photographs depicting the country’s diversity. Best-seller in Vietnam, the book is sold in 29 countries.

October 2014 : Réhahn captures the photo «Best Friends» where Kim Luan, a 6 years old M’nong girl, is praying to an elephant. Thanks to the press agency Caters in New York, it was published in more than 25 countries, and made the cover of several prestigious magazines such as Conde Nast Traveler, The Times and National Geographic, to name a few.

December 2014 : The website Bored Panda, ranks Réhahn 4th of the 10 best portrait and world travel photographers, alongside with other internationally renowned photographers. This article is translated in more than 20 languages.

May 2015 : The photographs «Best Friends» and «Hidden Smile», the cover photo of his first book become part of the collection of the Asian House Museum in Havana, Cuba, as a result of the exhibition « Valiosa Herencia » (Precious Heritage).

October 2015 : The last copy of «Best Friends» (1 x 1.5 m) is sold for 17.000 $ to a collector from Amsterdam, thus making it the most expensive photograph sold in Vietnam. (Forbes Vietnam).

November 2015 : The second volume of «Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts, Volume II» met with great success with more than 500 copies being sold in the first month.

January 2016 : Réhahn is ranked the second most popular French photographer of the web. (Source:

March 2016 : The photo «Hidden Smile» officially enters the permanent collection of the Vietnamese Women’s Museum in Hanoi in the presence of Madame Xong, the 78 year old model of the photo.

June 2016 : The French travel TV program “Échappées Belles” (France 5), follows him and reveals his work to the French.

1st of January 2017 : Opening of the Precious Heritage Art Gallery Museum in Hoi An, central Vietnam.

June 2017 : Opening of the gallery Couleurs d’Asie by Réhahn – Saigon, Dong Khoi Street