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Honored in BBC, The NY Times…

Major international publications showcased Réhahn’s Precious Heritage Museum in 2018 and 2019. The photographer was honored to be featured by such esteemed journalistic entities as The New York Times, BBC, South China Morning Post and Der Spiegel. Some highlights follow. 

In October of 2018, Der Spiegel, a weekly news publication in Germany and one of the largest in Europe, featured some of Réhahn’s most iconic photos of Vietnam such as “Best Friends” and “An Phuoc” as well as portraits from the Precious Heritage Collection. 

36 Hours in Hoi An” by The New York Times, published in March, gave an unexpected nod to Réhahn’s Precious Heritage Museum by listing it as one of the not to miss cultural experiences in Hoi An. This piece will remain indefinitely on The New York Times website guiding travelers to discover the best parts of this unforgettable Vietnamese city.

The Many Faces of Vietnam, the most recent article to be released, appeared on BBC Travel in June. This 14-page gallery of photographs and text layout includes details about Réhahn’s Precious Heritage work as well as stories about ethnic groups in Vietnam such as the Cham, the Thuy, the Xing-Mun and more. Réhahn considers this piece to be one of the pinnacle articles in his career up to this point. 

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