The third book in the bestselling “Vietnam- Mosaic of Contrasts” series has just been released with never before seen photographs as well as iconic images that celebrate the beauty and diversity of the country.

Volume III showcases the landscapes, lifestyles and cultures of Vietnam that Réhahn has encountered and immersed himself in over the course of his travels. It also reveals an evolution of the artist himself. The 3rd Volume of this ongoing collection marks an important milestone in Réhahn’s career – the completion of The Precious Heritage Project after nearly a decade of research to meet all 54 recognized ethnic groups in Vietnam. This series inspired the photographer to think like an anthropologist, a historian, and a sociologist, forever changing the way that he approaches his work.

“Vietnam- Mosaic of Contrasts Volume III” is available as a full-colour coffee table size book in the shop. Limited editions will be signed by the artist.

Click to see inside the book (Sample)