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4 More costumes in the Museum

Réhahn has recently come closer to finishing his epic “Precious Heritage” portrait project. For the last eight years,  Réhahn has worked to capture images of all fifty-four documented ethnic groups in Vietnam. In November 2018, Réhahn was able to meet 4 more tribes, bringing his total from 47 to 51 documented groups. In 2019, he will attempt to find and photograph the last 3 groups, so that the collection is complete.

The 4 recently added ethnic groups include the Xinh Mun, the La Ha, Khang, and the Lao. He also visited the Xa Phang, who are a subgroup of the Hoa. These portraits, as well as new authentic costumes from the Xa Phang and Lao, will be displayed in Réhahn’s Precious Heritage Museum located in the Ancient Quarter of Hoi An. The costumes from the Xinh Mun, La Ha, and Khang resemble those of another ethnic group called the Thai; they no longer produce their own style of traditional dress.

The museum, which is located in a French colonial house in the UNESCO part of Hoi An, in Central Vietnam, displays more than 60 authentic costumes, as well as the stories, music, artifacts, and photographs of the diverse ethnic groups of Vietnam. The Precious Heritage Museum is completely free to the public.