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The Precious Heritage Art Gallery Museum is the culmination of 7 years of exploration by Réhahn.
The 500m2 museum is free and translated in 3 languages (French, English and Vietnamese)

26 Phan Boi Chau – Hoi An
Open 7/7days from 8am to 8pm

Museum hoian

The fine arts room will be your rest stop on your journey through our museum. Here, you will be met by all of Rehahn’s most iconic and best selling photographs. Many of these images are very personal to the French photographer and mark significant turning points in his career, vision and development as a photographer.

Museum hoi an

The Precious Heritage Museum, which is home to Rehahn’s permanent exhibition of his Precious Heritage Collection, is split into four parts. After passing through the Fine Arts Room, you will begin your exploration of Northern Vietnam.The North, with its towering mountains and lush rice paddies, is where you are most likely to find ethnic groups still wearing their traditional dress. During his discovery of the North, Rehahn was given a total of 38 authentic ethnic costumes, which are now on display and he hopes to add more soon!

Museum Hoi An

Some of the areas in Central and Southern Vietnam have remained inaccessible to foreigners for many years. Rehahn has worked tirelessly over the years to obtain permits and access to these remote areas. This part of the museum is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to see images of the people there and their beautiful dress, many of which are no longer being made.

Coffee room hoi an

Réhahn has recently added his Precious Heritage Coffee Room to his museum, so that you can take a break and enjoy the highest quality, organic coffee and honey, sourced directly from ethnic groups in Vietnam, before you make your way through Central and Southern Vietnam.There are a variety of products from the ethnic community on sale in the Coffee Room, which helps provide ethnic communities a sustainable income.

Rehahn has spent the past seven years exploring the ethnic community in Vietnam, as part of his biggest and most challenging project yet, The Precious Heritage Collection. This collection of costume, artefacts and portrait photography is the product of his time spent visiting 49 out of the 54 documented ethnic groups, scattered all over the country.Over the years, Rehahn has found that modernization has not been kind to many of these communities. As many youths leave their tribes in search for better lives, their ethnic cultural heritage is no longer being passed down and is in danger of being lost. Rehahn wants to capture, preserve and share a part of this disappearing ethnic culture. He hopes that by promoting the beauty and cultural diversity of Vietnam, he can bring attention to the rapid loss of ethnic tradition and can share the stories of the people who have revolutionized his career.