Ageless beauty

Like everything, the definition of what beauty is has evolved with time. What was considered beautiful 50 years ago has changed so much today. Since change is the only constant, I’m sure the definition of beauty will continue to evolve.

Meet the Co Tu ethnic group in Vietnam

Réhahn often visits the Co Tu ethnic group located at 2h from Hoi An. Cơ Tu or Katu ethnic people mostly live in the central of Vietnam and the eastern Laos. The population of Cơ Tu ethnic group is about more than 61,588.


The loveliest village on earth seems to be an ambitious statement for Tra Que village if you haven’t made your road to this stunning countryside of Hoi An. Once you get there, you will thoroughly understand why that name is called out.

Mnong ethnic and elephant in Vietnam

To the M’nông, elephants are the symbols of wealth, power and strong spirit. This is why elephants are always treated as human being in this minority.

Tutorial: Shooting Portraits With Soul

Get away from using the phrase take a picture and start using the phrase make a picture. “Taking” feels too much like a one-sided action of the photographer seizing something from another person rather than something which is created together between the photographer and the model in agreement, tandem and harmony. Remember the guy that walks up [...]

In the cold night of Sapa

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” ~ William James Although many of us are experiencing a snowy winter in our homeland, we are experiencing it with warm coats, boots, socks, hats, interior heat, & hot chocolate. But right now, in this moment, there are young children and elderly grandparents of [...]

Behind the Hidden Smile

Almost every dictionary describes the definition of a smile as ‘a pleased expression, typically with the corners of the mouth turned up and the teeth exposed’. So if there’s one thing we can all agree on it’s that all people smile in the same language. However, we all know that a smile can hide many [...]

Hoi An, the yellow city of Vietnam

The ancient town French photographer Réhahn’s latest collection of works titled Hoi An, the Yellow City of Vietnam, is a celebration of the uplifting beauty he sees in the town he now calls home. The fusion of cultures and architectural styles are not the only remarkable elements here; what really takes one’s breath away is [...]

BEST OF 2015 by Réhahn

This is a selection of 30 photos from the 30 000 photos taken by Réhahn in 2015 (Vietnam, Malaysia, India and Cuba) Find the best of Vietnam in the new book Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts Vol.2 […]