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Exhibition in Paris (2018)

Réhahn is proud to be the guest of the 30 year anniversary of the Globe Trotter festival. It will be an occasion to celebrate his 10 years of photography with a unique exhibition of his [...]

15 photos that will make you want to visit Hoi An

Hội An is an ancient city located in central coast of Vietnam. This ancient town is well known for its tranquility and beautiful scenery. Besides the city traditional neighborhood and its beautiful yellow walls, [...]

Opening in Saigon

Réhahn’s 2017 Exhibition Opening Saigon is a Great Success Couleurs d’Asie by Réhahn, opened its doors in Saigon on the 3rd of June 2017. The exhibition has been a major success, with over 1500 [...]

The Rehahn’s Museum

French photographer, Réhahn, Opens the Precious Heritage Museum in Hoi An On the 1st of January 2017, Réhahn, opened The Precious Heritage Museum in the ancient quarter of Hoi An. The museum is located in [...]

Ageless beauty

Like everything, the definition of what beauty is has evolved with time. What was considered beautiful 50 years ago has changed so much today. Since change is the only constant, I’m sure the definition [...]


Réhahn has been working for 6 years on the Precious Heritage Project and will display 20 costumes and photos of the Vietnamese Ethnic Groups.

Ao Dai – The tradition of Vietnam

Do you know Ao dai is still remained as it is "Aodai" in dictionary? No word is suitable for translating it. This truly showcases the national tradition behind this type of clothing in Vietnam. No matter [...]

Mnong ethnic and elephant in Vietnam

To the M’nông, elephants are the symbols of wealth, power and strong spirit. This is why elephants are always treated as human being in this minority. M’nông people are also well-known for the elephant [...]

Tutorial: Shooting Portraits With Soul

Get away from using the phrase take a picture and start using the phrase make a picture. “Taking” feels too much like a one-sided action of the photographer seizing something from another person rather than [...]


After the success of the first volume, Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts, Réhahn has decided to publish the second book with 150 new photos of these past 2 years. The book will be in available in November 2015.

The photo BEST FRIENDS sold 10 000 Euros

Best Friends, one of Rehahn’s most iconic photographs, sold to a private collector at his solo exhibition at Eleven Gallery in late October 2015. The image, which was taken in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, [...]

Exhibition in RENNES on 15th Oct 2015

In October 2015, The French photographer, Rehahn, exhibited twenty photographs from his time spent discovering Cuba, Malaysia, Vietnam and India, at the house of BOURGOIN & Associés in Rennes. Additional Information: Address: 4 Boulevard de [...]

Exhibition at the Festival de l’Image

Rehahn appeared as a special guest at the 14th “Festival de l’Image” 2015. His two day exhibit in Rennes France, featured a fifteen minute video and twenty of his images, taken while journeying through Vietnam. [...]

The best spots to take photos in Hoi An

Whether you’re an amateur photographer or a professional we can all agree that when it comes to taking the best photo, we are all creatures that follow activity and light.By nature, photographers are always looking [...]

An Phuoc, a little Vietnamese with blue eyes

An Phước is seven years old. She is the youngest in her family and lives with her brother, her sister and her parents near Phan Rang. Her father and mother make a living mainly [...]

Hidden smile in Vietnam

Smiling is a global way to express emotion. It has become a widely-known sign throughout the years. But Réhahn sees past muscle-tensing. He focuses on the details that give an importance to the smile; [...]

Réhahn’s photo book in Vietnam

If you live in Vietnam, you can find Réhahn’s photo books in few places such bookstores, shops and galleries. VIETNAM, MOSAIC OF CONTRASTS (140 pages, 145 photographs ) DIMENSION: 28cm [...]

2 photos at the Asian Museum of la Habana

Two of Rehahn’s photographs are now on permanent display at the Asian Museum in La Habana, Cuba. Following his exhibition on the 15th of May, 2015, the museum’s director decided to add two of Rehahn’s [...]

0ne month, 5 countries, 5 exhibitions

It will be the busiest month of the year for Réhahn. 5 countries in one month, 5 exhibitions (Free) All details will be online very soon. Stay connected on the fanpage to get information. Toronto [...]


The exhibition Precious Heritage will start in la Habana (Cuba) on 16th May until 31st. The opening night will be on 15th on invitation only. (Send us an email to be on the list). 40 photos of Vietnam will [...]


For many years now, Réhahn has traveled the world and has witnessed the existence of the “forgotten ones”: those peoples who, despite the ravages of globalization, are trying to live according to their ancestral traditions. [...]

Precious Heritage Exhibition in Ho Chi Minh

Réhahn’s latest work focuses on the people of Vietnam’s ethnic minorities who are in danger of losing their identities in the 21st century. Based in Vietnam, Réhahn is able to visit remote areas year after [...]

Hoi An, the yellow city of Vietnam

The ancient town French photographer Réhahn’s latest collection of works titled Hoi An, the Yellow City of Vietnam, is a celebration of the uplifting beauty he sees in the town he now calls home. [...]

93 and 81 years old in Vietnam

Lê Văn Sẻ was born on 02/02/1923 – he is 91 years old and his wife – Nguyễn Thị Lợi is 83 years old. They have been together for 63 years. Sẻ was Lợi’s [...]


Indigo dye is a plant that produces an organic compound with a distinctive dark blue color. This plant is native of the tropics and in occurrence Vietnam. Historically, Indigo was used as a natural [...]


Rehahn was listed at the fourth best portrait photographer in the world on a prominent buzz site, BOREDPANDA.COM. (1.5 Million followers on FB, 3 Millions on G+) The article features Rehahn’s photos alongside very famous photographers [...]


Kim Luan is of M’Nong origins (Ethnic minority on the highlands). She is 6 years old and lives with her family in a small village near Buon Ma Thuot. The M’Nongs live with the elephants, [...]

COULEURS D’ASIE opened in Hoi An

In October, Couleur D’asie opened its doors at 7 Nguyen Hue Street (Hoi An - Vietnam); the gallery features more than 100 photographs. In the gallery, Réhahn has displayed some of his best work with [...]

In National Geographic magazine

Arzu, 10 years old is in National Geographic magazine (French edition) in October 2014 as the photo of the month. This young girl is from Rajasthan in India  

On the road again

Réhahn is on the road again to visit the province of Điện Biên Phủ (Northwest region of Vietnam) Details of the trip: Điện Biên Phủ - Mường Chà - Mường Nhé - Mường Lay - [...]

Next exhibition of Réhahn in Paris

Réhahn will introduce Vietnam in Paris with an exhibition from 26th to 28th September at Opéra de Massy for the Globe Trotters Festival. More than 5000 people